Will is an interdisciplinary multidimensional artist with a universal philosophical outlook. Clairsentient empath and intuitive healer, BlueRay Altairian Starseed. Conscious Leader and general 5D kind of guy. You can support my work on Patreon.

Please get in touch will@williamreardon.co.uk or +44(0)7729019877

New Art

A huge proliferation of creative activity is currently occuring! Exhibitions and shows coming soon.

Everything is in transition.

If you fancy a painting or print or anything - get in touch. I create bespoke personal artworks to commission.

Soul mandalas. Realize your vision in a beautiful painting. You choose size, colour etc.

See Gallery for more paintings.

Please visit my online shop at PolymathUniverse.com to buy prints and stuff.


We travel into the transcendent realms beyond the beginning and end of the universe. The Nataraja is the dance of Shiva - Lord of universal creative and destructive energy... and everything else which exists in between.

A synthetic union of spiritual science and technological art. The logical religion of the ancient future. The infinite singularity is Love.

Apparently they have a statue of the Shiva Nataraja at CERN.

Song is by the amazing Starbeing Craig Pruess - Master Chohan of Infinite Love. Beautiful.

Loved making this X

See more animation at:

Earth Star Nation

An evolving creative community of conscious leaders.

Here we celebrate the coming together of Soul and Star Family.

Facebook Group

We work together for the good of all. Co-creation as it is in Heaven.

The Galactic Federation of Light has orchestrated an awesome series of multidimensional Events to welcome us into 5D fraternity.

A joyful inaugeration of a New Star Nation!

Earth Star Nation.


Galactic Council

Weekly meditation and soul family hangout.

Here we counsel each other through this awesome hairy shift. Its a self help group for people who think they're from other planets.

Also I thought we'd better set up Galactic Council now so that it can grow into what will become the actual Galactic Council of the future. (Just incase this is all in our imagination... which it is!) Then they can give us advice in the present through channelled messages and crop circles etc.

Love you guys. Wiltshire based, get in touch for details.

There are lots of local groups like this. Find your Tribe! Connect. We lift each other up. X

Polymath Universe

I'm building up a 5D website with information and merchandise:


Space = Heaven exhibition
was an attempt to condense a multidimensional worldview into an unfinishable confusion of layman termed madness.

Went down well with people who get it already. Some normal people thought it looked pretty.

Its meant to be a broad introductory overview of our new reality... was a useful cathartic excercise anyway. I've sort of half written a book too.

Everything is One is All I know.

And the All is Love.

Angelic Reiki

I'm soon to be a qualified Angelic Reiki practitioner.

At present I can only do it for free so get in touch before I'm obliged to charge for this powerful healing!

In person or distance healing available.

I act as a channel for Angelic, Galactic and Universal healing energy. Its a peaceful, blissful experience with powerful life changing capabilities.

Inasphere Posters

Inasphere is an amazing new type of moving meditation based around geometric forms.


I created two large bespoke infoposters featuring sacred geometry and geometric solids.

See and buy posters in my shop.

Art Tech Love

What I do and why...

I combine art and technology as a philosphical statement inspired by a vision of a harmonious future where science and spirituality exist as one combined universal theory of everything which unites humanity as each and every heart awakens to the divine truth and ultimate reality of unity consciousness.

My higher self is millions of spaceships.

The Time is Now, the Future is Love and We are God.

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A closer look at my incredible interactive video art objects!

These machines allow two people to co-create their own unique animated artwork.

As a way of conveying quantum theory, one device controls waves, the other particles.

The outputs from each machine are combined in a single central projection. Thus revealing a unified transcendent beauty beyond the illusion of duality.

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Mind Map

I stumble incoherently through hefty subjects like the hidden structure of the universe and the unified theory of everthing.

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Quantum Theory of Light
Debut Solo Exhibition

Interactive video art installation featuring my amazing homemade devices as featured on Vice Creators Project (article).

Thanks to all the lovely people who came along!

Alpha Omega
Reclaimed wooden construction
with paint and plaster
Approx 50 x 50 x 50cm

The bookends of the universe combined into one monumental form.

Video art object
15 x 15 x 21cm


Antiquated oak box with screen dislaying two hour long abstract animation.

The animation is a collage of old circuit diagrams, mathematical geometry and technologically themed video clips giving the impression that the box contains vast amounts of data.

Mixed media on panel
137 x 61cm


The geometric design within this painting was 'found' during the process of constructing a frame for another piece.

Random Order
Silk Screen Prints
£55 each unframed

Selection of colours and editions available, please get in touch.

An investigation into quantum geometry. Universal randomness simplified into basic geometric order.

Computer generated, Galactic encoded light language.


A multi-layered cyclical journey with no beginning and no end.


A panagea of acrylic and mixed media on panel. Longlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize 2014.


Ancient advanced technologies, layers of geometric design flicker in the skies.


A fundamental universal pattern transcending the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Formation Two

Organically obscured underwater megalithic remains.