Contemporary artist specialising in abstract textural paintings. Based in Wiltshire, UK.

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Space = Heaven is an exhibition which gives a broad introduction to the expansive reality beyond that portrayed in the media, taught in our schools and justified by mainstream science.

This series of posters offers an overview of the consciousness shift, our current global situation from a higher perspective and the amazing new paradigm.

Everything is One.

We are part of something incredible, and the future is bright!

All is Love. 


We travel into the transcendent realms beyond the beginning and end of the universe. The Nataraja is the dance of Shiva - Lord of universal creative and destructive energy... and everything else which exists in between.

A synthetic union of spiritual science and technological art. The logical religion of the ancient future. The infinite singularity is Love.

Apparently they have a statue of the Shiva Nataraja at CERN.

Song is by the amazing Starbeing Craig Pruess - Master Chohan of Infinite Love. Beautiful.

Loved making this X

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Currently available for freelance animation work.

Macro Prints

Digital prints of the worlds within my paintings. This is what my work is all about - eternal metacosmic organic reflection!

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Inasphere Posters

Inasphere is an amazing new type of moving meditation based around geometric forms.

I created two large bespoke infoposters featuring sacred geometry and geometric solids.

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Quantum Theory of Light
Debut Solo Exhibition

Interactive video art installation featuring my amazing homemade devices as featured on Vice Creators Project..

Thanks to all the lovely people who came along!

Alpha Omega
Reclaimed wooden construction
with paint and plaster
Approx 50 x 50 x 50cm

The bookends of the universe combined into one monumental form.

Video art object
15 x 15 x 21cm


Antiquated oak box with screen dislaying two hour long abstract animation.

The animation is a collage of old circuit diagrams, mathematical geometry and technologically themed video clips giving the impression that the box contains vast amounts of data.

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Polymath Reel

My motiongraphics work...

See PolymathDesign site

Mixed media on panel
137 x 61cm


The geometric design within this painting was 'found' during the process of constructing a frame for another piece.

Random Order
Silk Screen Prints
£55 each unframed

Selection of colours and editions available, please get in touch.

An investigation into quantum geometry. Universal randomness simplified into basic geometric order.

Computer generated, Galactic encoded light language.


A multi-layered cyclical journey with no beginning and no end.


A panagea of acrylic and mixed media on panel. Longlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize 2014.


Ancient advanced technologies, layers of geometric design flicker in the skies.


A fundamental universal pattern transcending the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Formation Two

Organically obscured underwater megalithic remains.