Infinite Abundance
Mixed media on board with gold geometry

Approx 60 x 40cm

FOR SALE - £555

Another amazing new shiny gold geometry design over original WR patented organic backdrop. A solid foundation of ever increasing leminscates manifest as the New Earth dawns...

Flower of Life - 12 Gifts
Acrylic on board with gold geometry

Approx 60 x 60cm

FOR SALE - £444

From an amazing meditation with the divine Elen Tompkins.

With blue topaz we travelled to the Summer Palace of the Star Companions who each shared a gift with symbols and meanings.

Clockwise from circumpunct: Unity, Reflection, Blue Dragon, Water, Fire, Balance, Travel, Flow, Trinity, Galaxy, Strength, Connection.


"Don't forget you are a child of the stars"

"You are totally known in your entirety - whole and complete"

"You can connect with your 12 Star Companions at any time, they are always with you"

Thank you dear Elen xxx

Systema Vesica
Mixed media on board with gold geometry

Approx 30 x 20cm

FOR SALE - £111

Get your hands on this first experimental new wave painting! I'm so excited about this new gold paint / thin lines / circles theme...

Its so shiny!

Blue Alterian
Mixed media on board

Approx 36 x 61cm, in large artist-made frame (54 x 80 x 10cm)

FOR SALE - £999

Reardon Bros collab! This is my brother's amazing portrait of my own higher self - the unity-conscious starman. I love it in every way.

Mixed media on wooden construction.
Approx 78 x 61 x 5cm

FOR SALE - £888

Amazing shiny gold finish... Onwards and upwards! Ascension is Evolution. The future of humanity is spiritual enlightenment. Peace X

Mixed media on panel.
Approx 120 x 60 x 5cm

FOR SALE - £1111

Multilayered masterpeice with Universe written on it. This painting is beyond awesome!

Alpha Omega
Reclaimed wooden construction with paint and plaster
Approx 50 x 50 x 50cm


The bookends of the universe combined into one monumental form.

I'd LOVE to make another one of these - commission?!

Or get them manufactured or cast in bronze... Such a cool shape.

Video art object
15 x 15 x 21cm


"Found deep under the sea, this object carbon-dated to around 12,000BC contains the sum total of past and future human technological knowledge..."

Screen with two hour long animation in antiquated oak box.

The animation is a collage of old circuit diagrams, mathematical geometry and technologically themed video clips giving the impression that the box contains vast amounts of data.

See process video, prints, and section of animation here.

Antipodal Affinity
Acrylic on panel
120 x 30 x 3cm


Acrylic on ceramic sphere
18cm diameter approx


There is another Orb around somewhere (£450)

Maya Forms (3 Forms)
Acrylic on oak
12 x 12 x 12cm approx

One left... (First one on left) Price on request.

Mixed media on panel
60 x 60cm


A panagea of acrylic and mixed media on panel.

This painting was longlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize 2014 and features in the accompanying anthology.

Acrylic on panel with gloss finish
40 x 40cm


There's a long story associated with this seminal painting... involving a UFO sighting in Ibiza. 100s of people saw a metallic craft hovering above us in daytime. When I tried to photograph the thing it looked like these amazing colourful geometric shapes, constantly shifting...

Also, this design is hidden in there somewhere...

Random Order
Silk Screen Print
£50 each unframed

Other editions and colours available

Formation Two
Mixed media on reclaimed wood construction with gloss finish
40 x 30 x 6cm including frame


Mixed media on panel
137 x 61cm


Subtle sophistication - commission one like this!

Acrylic on panel with reclaimed teak
72 x 37 x 7cm including frame


The amazing distressed textures through the middle look like the milky way or something.

There are bits of worn teak and torn out holes in the fabric of the painting which were created when I took an axe to the 3D structure I was trying to build on this painting.

Acrylic on panel
140 x 70 x 7cm including frame


A fundamental pattern, visable in the scatter of stars or neurons in the brain transcends universal scales from the macrocosm to the microcosm. This perfectly random order reveals a higher reality or Metacosm.

Acrylic on reclaimed timber construction
30 x 50 x 12cm including frame




Silicon Syntax
Acrylic on panel

120 x 60 x 7cm including frame


Modus Operandi
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 19 x 7cm including frame

£240 (Its small)

Acrylic on canvas
Approx 200 x 43 x 7cm including frame

£1750 (Its big)

Work-In-Progress image:

Archetype AE

Reclaimed timber and acrylic
19 x 19 x 19cm


Everything Is One
Acrylic on panel
48 x 48 x 8cm including frame


Universe Invasion

Acrylic on canvas
81 x 56 x 7cm including frame

The typographic message within this painting is simplified to just beyond the point of legibility. The design is then further obscured within the layers of the painting. The term Universe Invasion refers to the current process of human awakening, the universe is beginning to invade our consciousness.

Acrylic on wooden construction
39 x 39 x 8cm including frame



Acrylic on canvas

106 x 56 x 5cm including frame